The Central Baltic Programme 2014-2020 finances result orientated cross-border cooperation projects in Estonia, Finland (incl Åland), Latvia and Sweden

Event news

The Central Baltic Programme online Annual Event 2021 safely brought together more than 250 participants last week.

On behalf of the Central Baltic team, we would like to warmly thank all participants and speakers for making the event happen!

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Welcome to the Central Baltic Annual Event!

Thursday, 23 September, 2021
Today, we are happy to welcome more than 300 registered participants to the Central Baltic Annual Event & European Cooperation Day 2021.

We are looking forward to meeting the participants online at 11-15:30 EET (FIN, EST, LAT) / 10-14:30 CET (SWE). ... Read more
It's time to register for the Central Baltic Programme 2014-2020 Annual Event! This year’s event will be held online (in Zoom) on 23 September.

The theme of the event is „Bridging the borders and funding periods - results and glimpses towards the future”.

Everyone interested is welcome to participate. The event will be kicked off with plenary session focusing on the successful cross-border cooperation results in the programme and funded projects. During the afternoon, there will be parallel sessions focusing on Water, Labour market and Export themes.
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Central Baltic National Contact Points warmly invite you to the Central Baltic Communication Seminar 2021 – The Cookbook of Storytelling on 25 August 2021! This year the theme of the seminar is storytelling. ... Read more
The calendars for the autumn will fill in very quickly, therefore we would like to invite you to save the date for our Annual Event held online on 23 September 2021.

The event is titled “Bridging the borders and funding periods - results and glimpses towards the future”.

If you are interested in hearing about successful cooperation, concrete results and developments in the fields of Water, Labour Market and Export - this event is for you! ... Read more

Our European Cooperation Day walks

Monday, 2 November, 2020
Our European Cooperation Day celebration this year involved walking along the trails developed by Central Baltic projects.
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Communication webcast

Tuesday, 15 September, 2020
Due to unforseen circounmstances, we had to cancel the Communication Webcast that was supposed to happen today.

We alopogise for any inconvenience this might have caused you! ... Read more

European Cooperation Day 2020

Wednesday, 2 September, 2020
This year, in connection to the European Cooperation Day we are organising a lottery!

Background information

This year, to celebrate 30 years of cross-border cooperation, we are walking along some of the nature trail/destinations, our projects have developed. Our national Contact Points are leading the way on some of the paths. Based on the different COVID_19 restrictions in different countries, not in all cases it is possible to walk alongside them.
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Hashtag CB day in Life

Monday, 8 June, 2020
One of the lessons we have learned from the COVID19 crisis, is that we can be together apart.

Last Friday 5 June was proof of that. Central Baltic projects and programmes colleagues all located in different places, they have met on Twitter under a common hashtag, #CBinmylife.

From tweets about morning coffee breaks to insights into daily work-related tasks, a big thank you to everyone who has participated in the campaign. Sharing our day with you and reading about your day unfolded made us feel that we might be apart, but we are a community!
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Thank you for coming!

Monday, 14 October, 2019
The Annual Event/European Cooperation Day have now came to past. During the one-and-a-half-day event, we went on a journey to learn more about the impact of our programme in the region; we participated in a quiz to learn more about what we have achieved so far thanks to our projects, we got to hear inspirational speeches about how our programme and projects are appreciated by those who have been touched by them and we played an orieenteering game to get to know better some of our projects. 

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